Starring Kristen Schaal

AdWeek Top 5 2017 Super Bowl Commercial

The Challenge:
Create a social campaign starring comedian Kristen Schaal for the T-Mobile ONE campaign. What began as a social video, turned into a broadcast commercial aired during the Super Bowl. Find out how it happened.

The Solution:
Connect with customers that enjoyed the “Punished” TVC with custom-crafted tweet responses featuring Kristen Schaal GIFs. Release a social video “Not Safe for TV” version  of the “#NSFWireless” broadcast video where Kristen calls Verizon customer service because she’s been a naughty customer. Things get weird quick.

My Role: CD / Script writing / Copywriting

Agencies: Laundry Service / Publicis / Arts & Sciences

Example posts:

(From Kristen) @Verizon overages hurt so bad. Do you punish your customers that way, @TMobile? #NSFWireless

(From TMobile to Kristen) Sorry @KristenSchaaled, we don't take pleasure in overages. #NSFWireless

Into Verizon’s taxes and fees? Ouch. #NSFWireless #TMobileONE

1_Kirsten Blowing Kiss_020317.gif